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Our Process

STACK’s approach spends more time in the discovery phase, to understand as much as possible about every aspect of the organization.  This ensures that systems and processes are setup to allow for continued growth and future development.  Our experience shows that more time spent in the discovery phase results in better employee adoption and a faster technical deployment schedule.

We bring fresh ideas, integrity and passion to every client.  Wether it is upgrading old systems, deploying new software or creating a custom solution. Let us handle the technical parts so you can focus on achieving your goals.

We break projects into five parts.

  1. Learn about your industry, team, technology ecosystem, pain points and strengths.

  2. Collaborate on options that fit your timeline, budget and consider current and future infrastructure.

  3. Finalize a project plan and timeline.

  4. Implement the solution with touch points for feedback and testing.

  5. Establish user acceptance through training resources, documentation and solution refinement. 

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