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  • Sarah Kaplan

QuickBooks Online Chart of Accounts Type and Detail Type List

Recently found myself helping a client migrate from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. This client needed a new Chart of Accounts setup in the QBO instance, and with over 400 entries, I thought, let me save some time and upload these account entries instead of manually entering each one.

But then I discovered QBO requires a Chart of Account detail type in the upload template. Normally not a problem, but nowhere does QBO allow you to download a complete list and after 10 minutes googling, I STILL couldn't find one.

With the hope of saving someone else 20 minutes of their life searching for Chart of Account detail list or another 20 minutes typing one up, I'm attaching a complete list of Quickbooks Online Chart of Accounts Type and Detail Type List.

QBO Chart of Account Type List
Download XLSX • 11KB

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